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SellOut Season

The Annual Block Party: Sellout Season A one of a kind event that takes place annual in the heart of Soweto, Meadowlands. A stage set up is erected for the acoustic, Hip Hop & House performers to be enjoyed in one accommodating space taking place through out the event with added fun filled activities for guests to partake in and enjoy.
What is Sellout SeasonSellout Season the slogan/Theme for this years event Sellout out Season is a statement describing the feeling of the Festive season. where South African go into a celebratory state,  enjoying the time and company of being home  with family and friends. Sellout Season is a time to socialize and not stress about what you cant control. Is a time we celebrate and support Local talent & business In sellout season we stand together and come alive! December 2017 is officially tagged as Sellout Season Lets do best this summer coz its a Vibe!

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